Simple Easter Card for Dad

Hi Everyone, have you ever bought Pion paper?

This card is made using one of their 12″ x 12″ papers that is sectioned into 4 x 6″ x 6″ images.  I trimmed the 6″ x 6″ down to fit my card which is 51/2″ x 51/2″

Easter Card for Dad

I thought the image made a perfect Easter card to send to my Dad in England.  A simple bow using ribbon from Meg’s Garden and a greeting from Stampin’ UP!

I also added a few tiny diamontes to finish the card.

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Know Better Do Better

Fantastic post from a blog that I follow. I believe education is the key to helping animals everywhere. I believe Maya Angelou’s words “When you know better you do better.”


When we know better we do better or so the saying goes.. Does it go beyond that? Do we actually do better when we know better or is this a phrase we coin off on our children to plant a seed that we hope grows in them while deliberately avoiding our own advice?

And if action speaks louder than words is it any wonder that far too many destructive yet accepted practices take place worldwide? We sit on the sidelines not wanting to leave the comfort zones we have built around ourselves. We push aside truth if it challenges our conveniences even at the cost of another sentient beings existence.

We are products of our surroundings surrounded by products. Really think about that for a moment or two. Have we become more product than human(e)? Do we turn our cheek to atrocities if it means continuing our preferred way of life…

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Mini Album using Meg’s Garden Vintage Book Papers

Hi everyone I’m sharing a small album I created using Meg’s Garden Vintage Book Papers. This collection is called “Forgotten Meadows.”

The album is bound using a simple Japanese Bookbinding system.  I will be adding some photographs and poetry to the pages plus more of the details from the cut apart papers included with the collection. This album does not allow for lots of dimensional elements as it is quite flat.  It is perfect for photographs etc.

For a tutorial on the Bookbinding system that I have used go to: Japanese Bookbinding 101 Note: I have used the same system with three holes instead of four.  

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Direct Selling – Some Advice


Are you considering starting your own direct selling business?

Don’t do anything until you read these tips

Barbara Pic from Barry

Direct Selling: Part I

Many of you know that I recently resigned from a direct selling company that I had been associated with for the past five years.  Direct Selling is a way of running your own small business with very little upfront cost.  I really enjoyed my five years with the company I chose and there are a few tips that I would like to offer anyone thinking of starting their own small business in this way.

If you have reached a point where you have made the decision to join a Direct Selling Organisation these are a few things to think about before signing on the dotted line.

Research, Research Research .   Don’t just jump in because you went to a party and loved the products.  Think about the type of business you want to have,  and the type of company you want to join.  These are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What sort of compensation plan would make it worth your while to join
  • Can you adequately commit to the monthly/quarterly requirements of the  company you join in order to stay active within the organisation.  Your recruiter will tell you that you can be a hobbyist, but if you want to earn some extra money you will want to run this as a business, not a hobby. So find out what is the monthly/quarterly commitment that will be expected of you?
  • Read up and understand fully the Compensation plan – make sure you understand what you are committing to each month/quarter. This is something your recruiter will be able to help you with.

Recruiting is the name of the game in any Direct Selling company.  You will be required to sign up with a Consultant/Demonstrator who is already a member of the company you wish to join.  Remember, you will be that person’s recruit, and therefore a benefit and asset to their business.  My advice is to Interview as many potential recruiters as you can, before making the commitment.  Don’t go for the first person you meet at a ‘party’ who offers you the opportunity,  or someone you find through an online search.  Find someone you respect and remember you are not looking for a friend – this person is a business associate and will ultimately be your competition. Be open but cautious, this is possibly the most important decision you will make.

Once you sign up (have been recruited), you will become an independent consultant/demonstrator for the company. Take that ‘independent’ role very seriously. This is your business, it will take all you have to build it up, to recruit people and to get customers. Don’t be distracted by being part of the wider network. The only person that benefits from that is your recruiter.  The only role your recruiter should play is to give you advice when you ask, and to help you grow your business.

  • N.B.     As you start to grow your business and start recruiting members of your own, my advice is this:  Keep your recruits and customers to yourself, don’t introduce them to another direct selling business associate. * This is one of the biggest flaws in the direct selling model in my opinion. They promote a team/family feel to the business by encouraging everyone to mix freely. My advice, steer clear of it. Have a relationship with your recruiter by all means but don’t introduce your recruits or customers to them. Steer clear of your recruiters events, meetings, and get togethers. “His/Her activities only benefit him/her, they don’t benefit you.”  Be wary. Do your own parties, meetings, recruiting events and get togethers.  Never forget that it’s Your business, not your recruiters.


I will leave it at that for now.  I may write another post on this subject in the future with some advice on ‘What to do, now that you are a Consultant/Demonstrator.  Building relationships and sharing the opportunity with people who show an interest in what you are doing.

For more information about direct selling v Pyramid Schemes visit .




Paris Fashion Parade –

Hi Everyone,

Another small grouping of  tags, this time featuring all the lovely ladies of fashion.

Again I have used the Parisian Gardens paper collection from Meg’s Garden as the background for the tags.  together with lots of fussy cutting from the Lady’s Ephemera pages.

ladys-ephemera-in-frame-3 I mounted the three tags onto Black card stock and then onto the glass of a ‘redundant’ picture frame.


I hope you are inspired to make some tags.  And also to visit Meg’s Garden to see some of the gorgeous papers and accessories available there.


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Parisian Gardens

Hello All, today I am sharing some tags I made for  Meg’s Garden.


Having a general clean out in my craftroom I came across a pack of vanilla tags that I’d forgotten about. We crafters don’t like to waste anything as you know, and together  with the gorgeous Parisian Gardens Paper collection from Meg’s Garden , I decided to create some tags.

The tags are approximately 4″ x 6″ and have a nice shaped top.  To begin, I traced the shape of the tag onto my chosen designer paper and cut it out. There is a hole with a fairly large eyelet in the top of each tag and I wondered how I could cover the tag neatly. Luckily I discovered that my 1/2″ punch fitted  perfectly  around the eyelet. I glued the paper to the tag and sponged the edges before embellishing.

I used images from a few different Meg’s garden paper collections to complete the tags – for a full list of products used see bottom of this post. As well as the Cut and Create sheets that come with the Parisian Gardens collection I used images from the Lady’s Ephemera collection too.

Here is a closer look at each tags:



Sorry for orientation of the last photograph – I accidentally deleted a folder containing the edited version. This is my favourite of the three.

  • Cut and Create sheets from Parisian Gardens collection
  • Lady’s Ephemera Pages
  • Spring Pastels Paper Collection
  • Words from All of the above collections
  • Flowers and leaves – Meg’s Garden
  • Ribbon  – Meg’s Garden
  • keys and metal heart –  Meg’s Garden
  • from my stash – buttons, chains, metal bicycle, inks, netting, elaborate heart, twine, bling.

What I like most about making these types of tags is that they can so easily be turned into pretty greeting cards. They would also make excellent additions to your mini albums and other vintage creations.

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Tip: There are some fabulous bargains available in the Meg’s Garden Clearance section.





My new wall design

I want to thank Kelley’s DIY for this idea. I am really happy with how it has turned out.  I collected together lots of pieces that were on shelves and bookcases around the room and with the help of my better half and some Commander hanging strips, we got to work.



I will add a few more pieces as they come to hand but it is a much more interesting and pleasant place to check my emails and create my blog posts.  Thanks Kelley.